Ground School

Fly-App-Ground-SchoolReady to learn how to fly? Then ground school is where you will start. And if you live in the Appalachian area, we offer the premier ground school training facilities in the entire state.

We’re Appalachian Flying Service, and for years we’ve been training men and women to be pilots. Our ground school services are fast, cost-effective and thorough. So you’ll learn all the skills you need to move on and earn your private pilot’s license. What’s more, we can provide you with all the materials you’ll need to learn how to become a pilot.

Our facilities are fully FAA certified, so we offer you everything necessary to get the proper accreditations and certifications. We are conveniently located to the Princeton and Bluefield neighborhoods, so you can take your ground school courses at your convenience.

school1We offer the convenience of one stop shopping, including private pilot license training and moreĀ Our friendly, experienced staff will work with you on a one-to-one basis to make sure you become a confident pilot in no time.

Questions about ground school? Call us anytime at (304) 323-3040 or contact us today to learn more. We’ll happily answer anything you need to know about our Appalachian ground school trainingā€¦ even if you’re just curious and would like to know more about finally fulfilling your dream of learning to fly.

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