Flight Training

We have been providing Appalachian Flight Training for years… and we’re ready to get help you get your wings. Appalachian Flying Service is a fully licensed and accredited training center with everything you’ll need to learn how to fly, from ground school up to commercial pilot training. Our list of services include:

Ground School


Before you get to touch the clouds, you’ll need to get your feet firmly on the ground. That’s what ground school is for… teaching you the fundamentals that will give you the knowledge and accreditations you’ll need to earn your private pilot license.

Private Pilot Training


Private pilot training is where you work with a pilot one-on-one to learn to fly a plane. When you earn your license, you’ll be able to carry passengers in a plane… and finally be able to call yourself a pilot!

Instrument Rating


With your instrument rating, you’ll be able to fly in all kinds of weather conditions, including inside clouds. It’s a great way to advance your knowledge of aeronautics, along with your ability to fly safely and confidently.

Multiengine Rating


As a pilot, your multiengine rating will enable you to fly bigger, more advanced planes. A multiengine plane is a whole new ballgame, and we can help you learn everything you’ll need to know to get your rating and accreditation.

Commercial Pilot


If you’re ready to learn to become a commercial pilot, Appalachian Flying Service has the experienced instructors and accredited facilities you’ll need. Call us to learn more about our commercial pilot training courses.

Certified Flight Instructor


We can help you become a certified flight instructor quickly and cost-effectively. We are fully accredited and can help you gain all the licenses and qualifications you’ll need.

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