Commercial Pilot

Commercial-PilotReady to get your commercial pilot license? Appalachian Flying Service is the only regional facility that offers all the training and certifications you will need… from ground control to commercial pilot training to CFI licensing.

As a commercial pilot, you’ll be able to handle almost any plane and any flight scenario… and you’ll even be able to pursue new career opportunities. As the premier flight training facility in the entire Appalachian region, we are dedicated to helping you earn your commercial pilot license in the quickest, most cost effective way possible. Count on us to help you become a confident pilot that can fly confidently — and most of all safely!

Earning your commercial pilot license will typically involve ground training, an at-home study course and over 300 hours of flight time, including cross-country flights and passing the FAA commercial pilot knowledge test. Appalachian Flying Service is the only regional facility that can help you complete all these steps in one conveniently located place!

Questions about earning your commercial pilot license? Call us anytime at (304) 323-3040 or contact us today to learn more. We are happy to answer any questions about class availability and rates. Thank you for considering Appalachian Flying Service for your commercial pilot training needs.

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