24Oct 2014
Oct 24, 2014

Brandon – Review

My name is Brandon McCain and I am the first full-time student at the Appalachian Flight School. I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC and I graduated from NC State University in 2014 with a Natural Resources degree.

Just after graduation, I worked in sales for a technology company in downtown Raleigh. I did very well for the 3 months I was there, but I had a longing for something different.

My good friend John Asebes who is also from Raleigh, NC, moved to Bluefield to be a reporter at WVVA. He covered a story of the grand-opening of the Appalachian Flight School. A week later he came back to Raleigh for the night and told me about the Appalachian Fight School. I was hooked. I packed a few nights worth of clothes and left for Bluefield the next day.

Charlie, Randy and Ryan are very professionally driven and have a true passion for flying. I feel very blessed to have these guys to help me follow my dream of becoming a pilot

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