Aircraft Rental

Aircraft-Rental2Ready to rent an aircraft? We can help. We are Appalachian Flying Service, the #1 provider of aircraft rentals in the West Virginia region.

Aircraft rental is a great way to book flight hours, complete training, learn how new planes handle… or just a great way to enjoy yourself. At Appalachian Flight Service, we have a robust fleet of craft available to be rented including our 172N, 172RG, and Beechcraft Duchess.

Want our full list of aircraft that is available to be rented? Call us anytime at (304) 323-3040 or contact us today to learn more.

Thank you for considering Appalachian Flying Service for your aircraft rental needs. We also provide air charter services, aircraft maintenance and management, aircraft sales and one-stop flight training, from ground school to advanced certifications.

For years, Appalachian Flying Service has worked hard to be the premier provider of aviation services in the region. Now, let us help meet your aircraft rental needs. Call us at (304) 323-3040 for your free quote.

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